Utterance twice for form validation

Have a situation where form validation of a slot value results in two utterance of the same message dispatched in the validation method. It happens only when the validation of the slot value fails and this utterance is made. The validation method returns by reseting the slot value and dispatches an utterance asking to provide a valid value with possible choices. Do I need to explicitly throw ActionExecutionRejected event in case the slot value is reset. If so, will the form execution continue when the user provides the correct value.

I am using latest version of rasa ope source i.e. 2.2.4. Appreciate any help.

Hi @jkothamb could you share the code for your form, validation methods & the stories/rules you’re using to run your form?

Hi @mloubser: I was able figure out a solution by overriding the utterance using a custom action to ask for the slot value. If a validation of a slot value results in asking the user to choose from multiple values, then don’t dispatch an utterance in the validation method, but do so in the custom action to ask for the slot value. It involves passing utterance message using a slot field to the custom action, but it works even though it is a kludge.

Thanks, Juzer

would u please paste an example