How to identify an inactive conversation and send a message

Hey everyone! I can’t figure out how to implement the following case:

RASA sends a message, if after 30 minutes the user has not responded, then we send a message such as “are you okay?”

I send most of my messages via SDK Actions. I tried to implement it via session_expiration_time, but I realized that this is not the right way, maybe I’m wrong.

RASA Open Source 3.6.14

Hi @ArthurUshkov I believe the good folks over at Rasa had released an example a while back which might help you in this scenario

Rasa doesn’t track session activity. I recommend you do this in your front end UI/widget or an intermediate middleware service by setting a timer there.

Otherwise, you need to do something similar to the reminder bot as @ArthurUshkov suggested. On, action_session_start write the session id to a message queue. You’d have a separate process reading this queue and monitoring the tracker (read-only). The monitoring process would have to keep timers for each session and send an external event to cause the message to be sent to the user. One problem with this approach is that you don’t know if the user is still there. However, I wouldn’t do this.

Thank you