How to hide userinput / chatbox from custom actions

Hi all, im using Rasa 2.3.3 with Botfront

how can i hide the userinput / chatbox panel on widget from custom actions response ? if i set the button to hide userinput (from botfront), it will show on log like this

[BotUttered('Who request for ?', {"elements": null, "quick_replies": [{"title": "My self", "type": "postback", "payload": "/leave_request.my_self{\"request_for\":\"My Self\"}"}, {"title": "Team Mate", "type": "postback", "payload": "/leave_request.team_mate"}], "buttons": null, "attachment": null, "image": null, "custom": null}, {"linkTarget": "_blank", "userInput": "hide", "forceOpen": false, "forceClose": false, "pageChangeCallbacks": null, "pageEventCallbacks": null, "template_name": "utter_kliTA-CaF"}, 1676962870.0223098)]

it have a attribute userInput:hide.

how to i set the button from custom actions reponse ?

i tried this but is not working.

dispatcher.utter_message(text="Here's your Team mate.", quick_replies=[object], userInput=hide)

and how i know the arguments on utter_message provide ?