How to handle third conversation actor?

We’re trying to use rasa for assisting conversations between two human actors (agent and user).

We’re unsure on how to handle the instance of predicting the next best response when all three actors (agent, user and bot) communicate in the same story.


[Bot] Hi, you can send us a message at anytime if you need help.
[Human Agent] Did you have any specific questions? 
[User] I do, what are your hours of operation?

In this case, we are not sure how to tell rasa (tracker) the intent of the ‘Human Agent’. We think it’s very important as it might change the context/flow of the conversation.

We’d really like to hear if anyone has a good idea on how to handle this scenario?

Thank you, Joseariel

Hi Joseariel,

Rasa currently does not support this scenario. You might be able to create a workaround by feeding both user and agent messages to the bot and having separate intents. Or you might be able to have the agent send messages through a custom action that sends the agents message and triggers another empty action representing the agents intent.