How to give out "not available" message if the data isn't available

Hi, so I am making a bot in rasa which helps high school graduates find a university. the bot asks the user about the location where the user is looking for a university/college. I have stored the name of location in intents like this.

  • intent: location1 examples: |
    • New York
  • intent: location2 examples: |
    • California

and in domain the replies are some what like this. utter_location1:

  • text: “here is a university in New York”


  • text: “here is a university in California”

so how to make the bot reply “sorry there are no university/college in the location you are looking for” if the user enters a location for example Irving for which I haven’t stored any information on available universities there. I am quite new to these. Please help, and can I get some advice about other ways of making this bot.

Hello Aayush,

I think it would be helpful for you to read in the docs the Fallback and Human Handoff where it mentions how to handle out-of-scope messages and how to add a fallback.