How can we perform fallback like in dialogflow if the user enter something the bot doesnt know?

i know there is a fallback action in rasa but i have to specify what the user might say but instade in dialogflow the fallback things works like this “i dont have to specify what a user might say instade the fallback throws an error message when ever a user inputs an intent which is not found in the bot , what ever a user inputs that is not found in the bot” but in rasa how can we hundle that?

You can see an example of how to do this with Rasa in our docs here.

I did see it …but what I kinda understand is that I have to specify what a user might say…but is that possible…what i want to do is for the bot just to throw error message when it saw an intent which is not found in the data

No, you don’t have to specify what the user might say. Note the three steps in the link above. You aren’t defining a special intent in any of those steps.

okay,so since am confused with the document…can you please tell me the steps for the fallback that the bot is going to throw when the bot saw something which is not found in the nlu.yml file pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :pensive: :sob: :sob: :sweat:

Yes, when a fallback occurs because of a low NLU confidence score, this rule will invoke utter_please_rephase

- rule: Ask the user to rephrase whenever they send a message with low NLU confidence
  - intent: nlu_fallback
  - action: utter_please_rephrase

so for intent nlu_fallback and in domain file utter_please_rephrase are we not going to write aything or rasa by default has everthing for that?

UserWarning: Intent ‘nlu_fallback’ has only 1 training examples! Minimum is 2, training may fail. here i got user warning when am trying to use it

There should be no examples for nlu_fallback. It sounds like you created an intent called nlu_fallback in your domain and nlu training data, is that right?

No I didnt create any thing I only create a response

What version of Rasa do you have installed? I just tested on 2.0.3 and do not get this warning. The latest release is 2.0.6.

Mine is 2.0.0

Update to the latest which should be 2.0.6 and give it a try.

Updating rasa wouldn’t that affect the rest requirments that I have already installed??

@stephens i try to upgrade but gives me this error ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement 2.0.6 (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for 2.0.6