How to get the templates out of the domain file?

Hi, this is probably a straightforward question, but I can’t seem to find it in the docs – how would we separate the templates out of the domain.yml file? I’m building a bot that’s going to have a lot of content, and would like to try and have a /templates folder somwhere, but I’m not sure how that would link up with the rest of the app.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not looking for NLG from a CMS, unfortunately, I’m trying to cut down on the amount of servers we have to set up, which is why I was trying to see if there was a way to keep it local and just point to something like /templates/[some template]

take a look at this code

Replace the way the templates are loaded. At this moment, if i am not wrong, you cannot extend the template generation class and put them in the config like the tracker store. Perhaps a feature request. Either extend to another application, or update this file as how/where to load the templates from

def create(
        obj: Union['NaturalLanguageGenerator', EndpointConfig, None],
        domain: Optional[Domain]
    ) -> 'NaturalLanguageGenerator':
        """Factory to create a generator."""

        if isinstance(obj, NaturalLanguageGenerator):
            return obj
        elif isinstance(obj, EndpointConfig):
            from rasa_core.nlg import CallbackNaturalLanguageGenerator
            return CallbackNaturalLanguageGenerator(obj)
        elif obj is None:
            > from rasa_core.nlg import TemplatedNaturalLanguageGenerator
>             templates = domain.templates if domain else []
>             return TemplatedNaturalLanguageGenerator(templates)
            raise Exception("Cannot create a NaturalLanguageGenerator "
                            "based on the passed object. Type: `{}`"

Created an issue for this request here – may work on it should I get a chance.

Not sure if this is still an issue or not, but you could automate creating your domain files instead. I made a simple way to generate domain.yml files for Rasa projects called rasa_denerator

pip3 install rasa_denerator

$ python -m rasa-denerator -actions Rasa-Denerator/notebooks/denerator_tests/actions 
     -f templates Rasa-Denerator/notebooks/denerator_tests/data 
     -f slots Rasa-Denerator/notebooks/denerator_tests/data/
     -nlu Rasa-Denerator/notebooks/denerator_tests/data/nlu/
     -o domain.yml

This will automatically create a domain file from the specified project files