Organize/outsource content of domain.yml

Hi guys,

I made a rather small bot as a PoC and I already now have issues to organize my domain file in a way so that it is clear. Currently I have around 2500 lines in the file and I expect it to grow a lot. Is there a way to put the utterances in a database and just query them when they are needed? How do you keep an overview over the domain?

Hi @michaelh! Currently, it is not possible to store any templates in a database instead of the domain file. The templates need to be in that file. Other than the default structure recommended in the documentation, we don’t have any best practices.

However, you can also use Rasa X to manage your domain file. Rasa X allows you do add, edit, and delete templates, stories, intents, etc. As 2500 lines for a domain file is already quite big, it might help you to keep a better overview.

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