How to do analysis on rasa.db file?

I have build a chatbot with log tracer rasa.db. Any one can help me, How to do analysis on rasa.db file. Analysis in terms of which intent accessed largely and so…

Hi @galandeshridhar ! The best way to get this data is to hook up an event broker - you can use that to dump events to a db and run your queries there.

Alternatively we have built-in analytics in the enterprise version of Rasa X

@amn41 Isn’t the Rasa tracker store used for this purpose? For my application, I want to store some extra data like intent confidence etc. to my MySQL server for further analysis. What is your recommendation on how I should go forward with it?

@amn41 Also, when I run Rasa X locally, all the conversation related data gets stored in rasa.db (that is pretty much all the data I need to store in my MySQL database for further analysis).

Is it coming from InMemoryTrackerStore?

Where is it stored when Rasa X is deployed on a server via One Line Deploy Script?

And can i store it directly in my MySQL Database?