Store All Rasa things (intent, reponses, etc) into Database

Hey I am using Dockerized Rasa 3.4.0. I am able to store User/Bot conversation using Tracker. Here is my endpoints.yml

  type: SQL
  dialect: "postgresql" 
  url: "postgres"
  db: "rasa"  
  username: "postgres" 
  password: "postgres" 


I used the Sql_Tracker. i am only able store the events into the database. Now i am trying to store all intents, responses, actions, and events into the database.

  • when user says: “HI” intent: greet

the bot must fetch the corresponding response (utter_greet) intent “greet” from db.

  • bot: “Hi How are you?” action: utter_greet

The tracker events already include the intents, responses and actions so you don’t need to do anything additional. You can see the list of events documented here.

Hey thanks, I am not using any custom actions. So how can i implement these JSON events? is there any tutorial?

You don’t have to do anything and don’t need any custom actions. The tracker store is an integral part of Rasa that is automatically updated. You can read the tracker store in whichever database you have chosen to store it.

You can also configure a RabbitMQ or Kafka event broker and read the events from the broker as they are written to the tracker store.