How to do a new user tutorial in which you only accept certain intents?

Say I’m adding a new user guide feature to my bot, it’s like this:

  • action_init_bot get triggered by some external intent.
  • action_init_bot will introduce feature A (of my bot) to the user, and await user’s response.
  • action_init_bot will only accept intent_feature_A in this step, all other types of user reply will get a response like “sry you should try feature A for now” and trigger utterance_reverted()
  • action_init_bot will move to next predefined step, e.g. introduce feature B, if the user correctly replied with intent_feature_A

I don’t see clearly how can we do this. Any information on how (in detail, maybe step by step) action server and rasa core interact with each other is welcomed.

I’m using rasa 1.10 fyi.

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hi @atodniAr - probably the easiest way to do this is with a Form. You can create a single required slot (doesn’t matter what it’s called) and use the from_intent slot extraction. Check the docs here