Set intent using custom actions

I need to set a specific intent based on whether the user is a new user or an existing one on my database. I’ve tried a bunch of methods listed on the forums including the “UserUttered(”/new_user",intent)" but looks like it has been deprecated. I’m currently on rasa 1.6.1. Help me by providing a solution based on the recent updates in rasa source code.

Normally, this is done by setting a slot and directing the conversation based upon the slot value.

In our example Sara docs bot, you’ll find the ActionSetOnboarding action which sets the user_type slot based upon whether the user has built a bot before.

Stories are then triggered based upon the value of the slot. For instance:

## new to rasa at start, built bot before
* how_to_get_started{"user_type": "new"}
    - action_set_onboarding
    - slot{"onboarding": true}
    - utter_getstarted_new
    - utter_built_bot_before
* affirm
    - utter_ask_migration