How to design our chatbot API for re-training responses with RASAX UI

Hey Guys,

We are currently integrating RASA into our safety reporting apps. One of the issues we are having is that we can’t use RASA-X UI to update our chatbot responses. One of the reasons that were given was that we use an API call to provide responses and retrieve data (eg. receive pictures, links, evidence, text) and so our development team doesn’t see how we can train each bot within the RASA-X UI and automatically push those re-trained responses because our API calls are fixed.

Do you guys have any thoughts on how we can re-design our use of RASA to allow for some retraining while still using an API for a response within our app?

I may need to clarify some more details, but that’s the high-level issue.

Sounds like you’re using a knowledge base to lookup responses via custom actions. Rasa X would have no view into your knowledge base or it’s API.

However, responses from a knowledge base wouldn’t typically affect training. For example, here’s two intents using a custom action to find the response in a KB:

## kb story example 1
* kb_example_intent_1
  - action_kb_lookup

## kb story example 2
* kb_example_intent_2
  - action_kb_lookup

The fact that the response from action_kb_lookup will be different for the two intents does not affect the training or Rasa X.