How To Deploy

Hello All, I developed rasa chatbot and its work perfectly in my local host…I have to deploy this chaynit in my client website. Please help me out, how to do this.


I recommend you deploy your chatbot with Rasa X.

There are several installation options, described here.

Thanks i will try yhis

If we have a custom build chatbot widget (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and running on Rasa and want to deploy on WordPress website then how can we deploy any expert comment on this? Hope you reply…Many thanks!!


This looks like a good approach.

I had successfully able to run everything on the localhost but at the time to deploy all on the WordPress website it’s not showing the custom chat build…@arjaan If you can guide me…please.!! Is I am missing some step? Waiting for your response.

Can you explain more in detail?

Hi @nik202, can you please tell me how did you manage to do it eventually ?

@forwitai please create a separate thread for your query, please. Thanks