How to deploy rasa chatbot on IIS server

I have already deploy .net project on IIS server even UI of chatbot has been integrated in same project. Right now I dont understand how to start rasa server on IIS so i can access that same bot from another pc on same network.

Hi @ashwinijdhav1991

Here you can find the quite how to install Rasa Open Source, Installation.

What do you mean by “start rasa server on IIS”?

You can run the rasa server by rasa run command, and talk to the rasa server via API. I don’t see why you would need IIS server. The rasa server should be available on default port 5005.

Thanks for your reply…!!!

How to access rasa chatbot on a different machine with same instance of rasa server?

I’m not sure if I follow your thoughts. You can access the rasa chatbot or rasa server by using an IP address of the machine where a given service listens on. Of course, it depends on your network configuration but it’s no different from other applications that use TCP.

pls can you give me steps to setup environment for rasa on IIS server windows??

i have deploy bot AWS VM and it is working fine with HTTP. But i want HTTPS so any can help for doing HTTPs with IIS hosting


Hello @walaareafaee ,

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I suggest first you hit webhook url on postman to see whether url is running properly or not

Step 1: Method should be post & add below url in postman.


Step 2: In body of postman { “sender”:“user”, “message”:“hi” }

If it is working then add http://[your-ip-address]:[port-no]/webhooks/rest/webhook in your ui part of chatbot & as you have to keep chatbot folder on IIS as we keep other project folder to run application else within application folder.