How to deploy my agent as a voice assistant in a python script?


I am trying to deploy a rasa agent i made to a mobile robot.

I already have a text-to-speech and speech-to-text block developed in python and I would like to use a python script to post the message from speech-to-text to the agent and to deliver the response to the text-to-speech program.

I tried to look for answer in rasa-doc or youtube but i didn’t find any ways to do it.

I wonder if it is possible ?

Hello and Pinging @Fares for some suggestion or pointer for this issue please. Many thanks in advance!

Hi @nik202 Actually I’m about developing a python module (custom channel) that can convert voice message into Text

@Rafik you can see this Using the Speech-to-Text API with Python  |  Google Codelabs or Building your first Voice Bot using Rasa | Part - 1 - YouTube

The first solution is to use alexa Connect Your Rasa AI Assistant to Amazon Alexa | The Rasa Blog | Rasa

@Fares our expert in voice assistant :slight_smile: Thanks Fares :pray:

@Fares Please mention in one post Fares what you recommend please and that will be concise and easy to follow :wink:

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Many thanks for the help Nik and Fares