Rasa voice custom connector

I created a python file for the text to speech and speech to text conversion . I want to integrate with the rasa voice interface. How can I do that please ?

Thanks for your help in advance

Are you looking for something like this - Connect Your Rasa AI Assistant to Amazon Alexa

thanks a lot . Is there any possibility to integrate in a custom UI also… like to the left there is a dialog interface and the right the output of whatever the website you want to show ? If yes , please tell or guide me how to do that

Thanks in advance

You will have to build that yourself or look for an open source tool that can help you do that. Thanks

Alright, thanks for.

I have successfully connected rasa with Alexa, now I am looking for an open source with UI

Hey hi @pitoulambert, can you please let me know the resources that helped you to successfully connect Alexa with Rasa. if you took the reference from the above-shared blog post (Connect Your Rasa AI Assistant to Amazon Alexa) then it’s ok or else please share the resources which helped you to achieve that. :blush: Thanks.

Hi @HemantAHK I took the same resources shared for that

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Can we integrate the rasa chatbot Alexa with the available voice interface for rasa? I am not so good in javascript /html. If so, please give me some hint