How to delete conversations older than 7 days in rasa

I have deployed rasa x on server using docker compose method. I wanted to delete older conversations as it is occupying too much space.

Hi @swaraj18, which Rasa X version are you on? And how many conversations do you have? I suspect it’s probably something other than the conversations that are taking up the space


I don’t have many conversations though when i check my db folder is more than 100 MB

100MB is very normal, I’m afraid deleting conversations isn’t going to help much. But you can delete conversations through the Rasa X UI, or the API

For just 10-15 conversation it is 100 MB

And around 100 MB storage space is getting consumed every 24 hours

yes, because a lot of other data is stored in the database as well, and the general setup for the database takes some storage as well. There’s no way of reducing that

So a storage space of say 30 GB will get depleted within a couple of months ?

No. The 100MB of storage aren’t directly related to the number of conversations. e.g., a deployment we have with 64000 conversations, 5000 nlu examples, and 300 stories only takes up 15GB.

What can be done to reduce the memory consumption ? Like any method by which we stop storing conversation older than a week or a month or any other by which memory consumption can be reduced. Because occupying so much storage space (without having a mechanism for garbaging) is not a scalable solution

are you talking about memory or storage space? 100MB is not a lot of storage, it’s very normal for a database to take up a bit of storage. If you need to delete conversations, you can use the UI, or the API endpoint for that.

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Storage and can you share the link for the api endpoint (delete method)