How to define sentence level input for fFormAction?

from my customer feedback, they want to use rasa to implement a clinical diagnosis support system. yes, as far as I know, rasa can support entities definition according to the business logical, but for the clinical diagnosis support system, the input should not specific any entity, we hope the rasa can ask the user to input one sentence to describe the current situation, and the sentence can be any sentence, because we will build the other model to validate the sentence and process the sentence. So, Could you guys tell me how to do? many thanks

Hi @123. You could call a custom action and use tracker.latest_message[“text”] to get the sentence

oh, it is great and thanks for your timely response, by the way, if I just use the [tracker.latest_message[“text”]], how can I control the QA turns before the Clinic diagonsis support system give responce? I know if I define slots, after all the slots are filled, the action will work, then I can call my Clinic diagonsis support system, but if I just extract the text, how does rasa know that all the messages are satisified?

all kinds of APPs are popular in china, rasa is really very good for some mobile applications, wish you developers will consider our requests, many thanks.