How to create two languages bot (arabic ,english) and integrate to whatsapp

Hi, I am new for Rasa, How to create a bot that integrate with whats app and switch both language when user chat with bot English and Arabic.


It might be most practical to split the experience into an english one and an arabic one. This will help the machine learning pipelines because they can specialize, but it’s also useful because the responses can be kept in the target language.

I don’t know how the whatsapp channel can be configured for this, but this split-language approach seems to be the most common way of handling it.


Just a sidenote, but as of today I can announce that we’ve got experimental tools available for arabic. You can read about the rasa nlu examples project on our blog but you can also check out the documentation page. In short; we now offer embeddings for 275 languages. This may be relevant to you since it could help improve the ML performance for Arabic bots.

Did you find any solution regarding Arabic language.?