Multi Language Chatbot

i need to design a multi language chatbot in english and arabic. Can anyone help me how to do this with redis ?? thanks in advance

Hi @somit1234! There are a few different approaches I have seen for tackling multiple languages:

  1. Build bot in English and then translate before / after processing using Google Translate or DeepL to other languages.

  2. Collect NLU training data for each language but use the same stories for every assistant like N26

  3. Multilingual word embeddings, where you represent words from multiple languages in a single vector space

  4. Build a separate assistant for each language you want to support

Most determine the language to serve by the user profile like this blog post.

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Hi @tyd

I’m trying to build something you suggested in your first point. Can you elaborate on that? I’m thinking my translation code would sit in the actions file. But I need some more help on this in terms of understanding. Or if there is some example for the same, it would be helpful.

Thanks, Rishi

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I have the exact same query! would love it if you share your solution (hopefully, you found one)