How to create token to use API on Rasa X on Kubernetes


I had a question about creating a token in order to not expose the rasa x API publicly. Currently, a Rasa X server is running. It has a password to log in, but if someone decides to hit the API with, there is no authentication needed. Since this is deployed using Helm charts, I was wondering how to go about adding an authentication token or any other best practice. I see that I can use the information here in order to add the token using the cli when I run locally, but I am not sure how to go about doing this with the Helm chart.

Thank you for the help!!


We recommend not exposing your Rasa X instance publicly as a the most secure approach.

With a helm chart, you can add an external secret using this method: Customize Your Deployment. You can also use the built-in Rasa authentication by killing & restarting your Rasa server in your cluster with the --auth-token flags.

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