How to copy model file?

When I take a model trained on another computer and run it, I get different intent result. I’ve copied the latest files in the models/ directory. Is there any additional files I need to copy?

are you copying the full models/ folder from one machine to another or only the latest model (tar.gz) to the new machine ?

Hi @didw, this should normally work, but please make sure to use the same version of rasa (and dependencies). I think it is best to have a virtual environment and a requirement.txt with the specific version numbers.

thanks for reply all. @utsuk.prani I’ve deleted previous model and copied latest model only. @soerenetler I’ve only checked rasa version and it was same. I would check other dependencies.

I’ve checked the version for tensorflow, torch, transformers and found that the version was different. I’ve reinstalled above library and then it works well. Thanks!

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I am happy to hear this. Do you have any other questions? Please remeber to mark the solution to close this topic :slight_smile: