HTTP Server - how do I know which model is being used? Yes, I've tried GET /status

First, I trained a model using this command:

rasa train nlu -c config.yml -u data/ 

This created a .tar.gz in my models folder. This folder already had another model in it.

Then I started the server with the following command:

rasa run -m models --enable-api --log-file out.log

The models folder has 2 .tar.gz files in it. Which one Rasa is currently using?

I executed GET /status, and this is the output:

    "model_file": "/var/folders/c2/qnjhygd167z2tgvnsmhkn_340000gn/T/tmpc17_cxxx",
    "fingerprint": {
        "config": "99914b932bd37a50b983c5e7c90ae93b",
        "core-config": "99914b932bd37a50b983c5e7c90ae93b",
        "nlu-config": "b9ba8c64095ae7c52ad67cd6bffdc672",
        "domain": [],
        "messages": [
        "stories": [],
        "trained_at": 1560172671.4672460556,
        "version": "1.0.7"

This temp file doesn’t help me much :frowning:

Hi @ricardopieper,

rasa is using the newer one! Can be read here:

  -m MODEL, --model MODEL
                        Path to a trained Rasa model. If a directory is
                        specified, it will use the latest model in this
                        directory. (default: models)


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