How to connect rasa with live agent

Hello there , I want my bot to connect with live agent any idea like how can i do that using rasa .

Thanks saptami

Hi @Beherasaptami. This would usually be handled using a custom action. Depending on what the platform you would be using for a live agent to talk to your users you can have an api call which sends the message to the live agent.

In addition to that, you may also want to use events"ConversationPaused" and “Conversations Resumed” to stop the bot once live agent takes over.

hey @Juste , how can we connect from live agent from api (what are the available api through which we can connect can you list some example ) and how can we send msgs to live agent Thanks Saptami

@Beherasaptami Which platform your live agent is using at the moment?

@Juste Currently we are using 3rd party software for connecting to live agents( but we don’t want to use that anymore instead of that we want to build something which will connect to live agent without using 3 rd party software , let me know if is there any way to do that …

thanks saptami

hey @Juste i’m had made a bot based on consumer quires . Now i want to add a feature as such if the bot is not able to answer the questions it should transfer the call to the human . But i am not able to find this feature in rasa docs Can you please help me with it .

Hi @nitz. Basically you need a framework which supports real time communication (example of that could be Salesforce Live Agent). If you have that, the approach would be similar to:

  • In your stories you should have a few examples where when the conversation goes wrong, an assistant runs two actions: ConversationPaused and InviteLiveAgent

  • Both actions should be the implemented as custom actions in your file. CoversationPaused is an in-built Rasa’s event which pauses the conversation between the bot and the user. InviteLiveAgent would be a custom action which connects the live agent.

Hi @Juste , I have done conversation paused .But I am not very clear how do I add a custom action which displays human agents answer .Can I get any same code or working example I have tried rasa-handoff/ at master · moaazsidat/rasa-handoff · GitHub this didnt seem to work.

From my understanding :





is the story .In action live agent invite how do handoff conversation between human and user.

hey unable to conenct to human handoff . I have tried rasa-handoff/ at master · moaazsidat/rasa-handoff · GitHub this didnt seem to work… Any help is appreciated

Can any one please help me in this and can share some working codes. Actions and stories part.

You can experiment


The hand off is available in these starter packs and works well also the handoff happens from fin bot to help or help to fin bot for human hand off the conf has to changed to any other service or API where humans can converse .