How to configure rasa tracker store without docker


I’ve been asked to setup Rasa open source as a service with a configured tracker store (Redis, preferably). The idea is to have multiple nodes running Rasa NLU and Core with a shared tracker store to avoid SPOF. In the event of a node going down, the standby node is expected to take over the conversation. From my understanding, a tracker store would serve the purpose.

However, the proposed set up is not a docker. Was curious to know if this is possible because I did not come across any documentation on tracker store config without dockerized deployment.

P.S: I’ve very limited experience so far with Rasa and Dockers. Any help is appreciated!


hi @gsailesh ! this should work the same way whether or not you use docker. You can configure the URL and credentials for the tracker store in the endpoints.yml file you configure for each of the Rasa servers.

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Thank you @amn41 I should’ve known that earlier. I was able to configure and get it working by following the Rasa docs. Thanks again!