How to change the response in rasa webpage and rasa webhook rest api?

Hello everyone,

I have been using rasa webchat and come up here after several searches all over the internet. The problem is i want to change a response of any text in webpage and in webhook rest api. Let me take an example to explain this:

Lets say i have made domain.yml such a way that if a user type i want to update my profile then it will return the steps to update the profile ( click on this and you will be rediected to profile page of web app) along with one url which rediects user to profile update page of web app as soon as user clicks on it. This flow works perfectly fine if i use it in web application but what if i want to use it in mobile app like android or ios. Then if mobile team use url with message I want to update the profile they will get the same steps and url as it is in web app which is wrong in the case of mobile app. Because if mobile app users click on that url then it will be redirected to any particular browser in their mobile phone to open that web page which is wrong. It must be redirected to profile section of mobile app only, not the web app. Therefore how can i change response so that in webpage it shows this url and while using it as webhook rest api it returns some deep link firebase url to get to the porofile section of mobile app?

Is that even possible?

I have found one topic mentioned below and it solved my issue: