How to ask a great question

Hey everyone,

We really want to get to your question, and we would love to help you out. So to speed up the process, here are 5 tips to better questions:

1. Write a good title.

Tip: Sometimes writing the title after the post helps to put the problem into perspective.

2. Include as much detail as possible.

  • Please explain:
    • How you encountered this problem
    • What you’ve already tried to solve it; any obstacles that prevented you from solving it yourself
    • Minimal steps to reproduce the issue or other context (e.g. deployment method)
  • Include:
    • Operating System (OS)
    • Rasa Pro CALM or Rasa Open Source
    • Version numbers: Rasa, Rasa SDK, Python
    • A full traceback if you’ve encountered an error
    • Any relevant files (domain or config, for example) to your issue

3. Provide enough data to reproduce the problem

4. Have patience

  • As mentioned in the Code of Conduct:
    • Please be patient! We do our best to answer questions as quickly as possible.
    • Do not tag more than one person per post.
    • If our engineers don’t respond right away, it’s probably because they are working on something for you!