How to ask a great question

Hey everyone,

We really want to get to your question, and we would love to help you out. So to speed up the process, here are some tips:


1. Write a title that summarises the specific problem, include useful keywords, but avoid vague words such as “Help!” or someone’s name.


  • Bad: help! Multiple intent
  • Good: Is this the right way to handle multiple intents?

Tip: Sometimes writing the title after the post helps to put the problem into perspective.


2. When posting feedback or suggestions, please include as much detail as possible. For issues, introduce it before posting in any code, then expand on the issue you’re asking about.

  • Please explain:
    • How you encountered this problem
    • Any obstacles that prevented you from solving it yourself
    • What you tried before, any repro steps, to bring some context to the current issue
  • Try to include:
    • Operating System (OS)
    • Rasa version (and possible modifications made to the code on your local machine, if relevant)
    • The way Rasa was installed (virtualenv / Anaconda / Docker / etc.)
    • Direct install or development version
    • If you’re asking about training a bot, then include your domain.yml

3. Provide enough code to reproduce the problem

  • However, don’t post your entire project, it’s likely to include a lot of irrelevant details that readers will need to ignore when trying to reproduce the problem.
  • Avoid posting images of code or data, instead copy or type directly into the post where possible.

4. Use the tag function responsibly

  • As mentioned in the Code of Conduct:
    • When tagging people to answer your question, be patient, we do our best to answer questions as quickly as possible.
    • Do not tag more than one person per post.
    • If our developers don’t respond right away, it’s probably because they are working on something for you!

5. Give it a proof read, hit post and poof! Your great question is now on the information superhighway! All you need to do now is keep an eye on the responses and if someone posts an answer, be ready to try it out and provide feedback! :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions or feedback on this, feel free to contact us via

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