How to add title to image in bot utterance?

I am trying to add title or similar tag in along with the image in bot utterance.

in the doc,

 - text: "Here is something to cheer you up:"
   image: ""

and, in the output of rest api i am getting this as two objects

( 2) [{…}, {…}]
  0: {recipient_id: "0.290811158711129", text: "Here is something to cheer you up:"}
  1: {recipient_id: "0.290811158711129", image: ""}
  length: 2
  __proto__: Array(0)

But same time in the utterance with buttons, the variable buttons and text comes as a single object. Is it possible to get image and text in the same object?

And i tried another way using custom block. In the bot utterance, i modified like below.

- custom:
    type: image

But i am calling this utterance from a custom action. I don’t know how to fill these nested key-value pairs.

How can i achieve this?

hey @kabeer, check this it may help you :slight_smile:

@JiteshGaikwad, thanks for your reply. Please help to understand why and how the link you provided is going to resolve my problem?

you want this data in json format in file?