How to access the source files Rasa-X docker


Can someone please advise me on how to access rasa installation directory when running the docker image on a server?

hi @HESHN, why do you need to access the installation directory?

Hii Ella ! I need to modify the file inside the installation directory.I dont know If you remember our last conversation about making Rasa bot reply to the slack bot messages.As you advised need to do some modifications in slack file to make that happen.

Ah awesome. So the suggested way to do this is to actually create a custom connector based off of the slack connector (just copy the code, make your changes, rename the connector). This will ensure that any changes you make won’t be overwritten when you update your rasa version. Then you can mount your custom connector file to the rasa-production container and reference it in the credentials.yml :slight_smile:

This might be a stupid question, But what is the difference between creating my own custom docker image using Ubuntu and rasa x normal installation or using Rasa official docker images? I have gone through the documentation of both Rasa and Rasa X docker deployment but was unable to understand how these services work together. Building a normal docker image and deploying it in a VM looks like much simpler than all of that. :thinking: @erohmensing