Deploy to Server with Custom Facebook Connector

What’s the preferred way to deploy to Rasa X with a custom connector?

I have a Facebook Messenger bot that handles incoming images from users. When I was testing locally I manipulated Rasa’s file to handle incoming images and I have no issues.

Now I’m looking to deploy the bot to a server and I’m unsure how to go about deploying my bot with this custom connector.

I don’t have a ton of experience with deployment tasks so any help is greatly appreciated!

How did you deploy Rasa X @MatthewVielkind?

I think some parts of your question might be answered in this post: Deploying Docker-Installed Rasa X to Facebook/Slack. How to find port of server?.

I manipulated Rasa’s file to handle incoming images and I have no issues.

Why did you have to manipulate it? When deploying everything that would mean that you need to build a custom docker image :grimacing:

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger ,

Thanks for the response! I worked at this for a couple days and think I understand the docker-compose deployment process a little better now. I was able to setup the custom connector on my EC2 instance with the following steps. Do these appear correct? Or is there a better way to go about accomplishing this?

Install Rasa X

curl -sSL -o
bash ./

Create Connectors Directory

Once Rasa X is installed create a module within /etc/rasa to store the custom connection code.

cd /etc/rasa
mkdir connectors
touch connectors/
touch connectors/
nano connectors/

Create docker-compose.override.yml

cd /etc/rasa
touch docker-compse.override.yml
nano docker-compose.override.yml

Within docker-compose.override.yml I’m pointing to the connectors module created above.

version: '3.4'
      - ./connectors:/app/connectors
      - ./connectors:/app/connectors

Update credentials.yml

Finally I’m adding the following to credentials.yml to allow my custom connector to be verified by Facebook.



Start Rasa-X and verify /webooks/custom_facebook/webhook through Facebook.


Slick, great work @MatthewVielkind :rocket: :muscle:

What about the default connectors?? Still can we use them?

In the specific case here I copied the default connector then added some code to pass images to my bot, which is the file. So the same functionality of the default facebook connector is maintained, just extended a little bit to fit my use case.

I haven’t tried adding other channels, but if you setup additional channels in credentials.yml and connected the webhooks I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.

I’ve tried the same way you did… I’ve been getting the 502 Bad Gateway :frowning: Could you explain it bit more clear??


have been trying to get Alexa custom connectors working on prod, but was no luck since 2 months. Your steps magically started working, thanks for this post saved my time.

@Tobias_Wochinger On the Rasa X conversations tab, do all conversations by different Users with the custom channel (Facebook/Alexa) appear in different tabs or one single tab asking for Issue #45839

yep. Different conversation IDs get different users. Note that depending on the channel connector a user might have different conversation IDs (they should be the same with Facebook / Alexa though)

Thank you matthew! This would be in the documentation