How Rasa identify that which story to pick up from file

Hi, everyone

I have query that how the rasa framework is able to pick different stories from file.

Or How rasa decide that which story to pick from file?

Can anyone elaborate on that??

Let me have an attempt at explaining this based on my understanding. I’m new to this but maybe it makes sense and if not I hope that one of the Rasa folks will correct me.

Firstly you have an Intent with a few variations that will train to recognise what the user is asking.

The variations of what the user can ask are in your

## intent:greet
- hey
- hello
- hi
- good morning
- good evening
- hey there
- Heya
- Hi

Intents are in the domain.yml file

- affirm
- deny
- greet
- mood_great
- mood_unhappy

This intent is listed under one or more of your stories.

Stories are in your file

## happy path
* greet
  - utter_greet
* mood_great
  - utter_happy

## sad path 1
* greet
  - utter_greet
* mood_unhappy
  - utter_cheer_up
  - utter_did_that_help
* affirm
  - utter_happy

So my assumption is that if you say Hi this will fall into the greet intent, most likely within the first story that mention it.

Both stories follow up with utter_great asking the user to reply about the mood.

Then, depending on the user’s answer this can go into either the ## happy path story or the ##sad path 1 story.

And so on…

Hi @nickopris thanks for your reply. So you are saying that it will look at the two stories simultaneously i.e. Happy path and Sad path and based on user’s next input, it will decide which story is appropriate and accordingly execute that story.

Is my understanding correct?

I think so, yes. But I’d like someone more experienced to add to this.

Yes @nickopris. That would be more better I think. let’s see reply from other members.