How to get an intent triggered at any point in a conversation?

Is there a way to handle an intent in so it gets triggered at any point in a conversation?

My has about 1000 lines now and I am trying to establish an "help" intent that gets triggered at any point in a conversation without making my stories data much more complex.

I have included a single story like:

## help intent
* help
- utter_help

But that seems to work in only 2/3 of all situations. Often the bot continues with another given schema and ignores the "help" intent, eventually the help intent gets triggering in a second try…

I work with Rasa Core 0.11.6 and Dialogflow for NLU.


If you’re within a longer story, that won’t always work. You have to add some additional stories with this happening in the middle of them

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That is exactly what I mentioned here:

And the answer was the augmenation will do the thing?

How can you do that such that the tracker is properly filled such you trigger a follow up action when intent is help?

So, my guess would using a custom action? But then you have to write aftereach input this custom action in stories which looks for intent help? Is this correct @akelad?

Other way?

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Thanks, I’ll try.

Could be a way - though I’m using an outsource NLU which could make things complicated…