Does rasa provide a way to determine which intent is currently active?


In the rasa file there is an ##intent:affirm with yes, indeed, etc. as user inputs. In under the ##sad path 1 if the user input is the intent:affirm then utter_happy is the response.

If the intent:affirm is going to be used with multiple stories is there a way to determine which story the user input eg. “yes” is actually for? For example if the conversation requires yes or no as answers to multiple questions is there a way to provide context?

I’ve had some experience with dialogflow and there are input and output contexts to help with isolating intents.


hi @Jmg007 - thanks for your question! The way Rasa works is different from dialogflow. There is no such concept as an ‘active’ intent. The dialogue model will learn how to respond in different context from your example stories, and there is no need to manually define or track context