How create drop down list from dynamic values

I don’t find intent name ‘inform’ every time after selecting drop down list value so I am not able to proceed further

Hey @Shweta_Mohite, I had used inform intent in this example just to showcase how to get the drop-down value. You can use any other intent where want to set the slot value.

hi @JiteshGaikwad I need your help !!!

buttons = []

    for t in accounts:

        facility_type = t
         payload = "/inform{\"facility_type\": \"" + facility_type + "\"}"
             {"title": "{}".format(facility_type),
             "payload": payload})
         message = {"payload": "dropDown", "data": buttons}

        dispatcher.utter_button_template("utter_balance", buttons, tracker)

    return []

and then by using form I’m able to assign button value to slot but now instead of buttons i want to use my cutsom payload- Drop down so using as follow i tried but its not working so can tell how i can achieve this please

message = {“payload”: “dropDown”, “data”: buttons}

dispatcher.utter_message(text=“Please select account number”, json_message=message)

hey @Shweta_Mohite, what’s the issue?

i am not able to assign selected drop down value to slot

hey @Shweta_Mohite, If you see I have created the payload data in this format can’t you create in this format? :sweat_smile:

@JiteshGaikwad I have database values so passing like this.

for (id, acc_no) in zip(ac_ids, accounts):

            data.append({"label": acc_no, "value": "/inform{'sname':" + id+"}"}) 

what wrong am I doing ?

hey @Shweta_Mohite, I have updated the code the some dummy values, test it out:

for i in range(0,len(resp)):
    data.append({"label": resp[i]["acc_no"], "value": "/inform{'sname':" + resp[i]["id"]+"}"})


[{'label': '123', 'value': "/inform{'sname':abc}"}, {'label': '456', 'value': "/inform{'sname':pqr}"}, {'label': '789', 'value': "/inform{'sname':def}"}]

no @JiteshGaikwad using this getting receive user message as ‘undefine’ for both drop down and button. I tried this with button

    for t in accounts:

        buttons.append({"title": "{}".format(facility_type), "payload": "/inform{\"facility_type\": \"" + facility_type + "\"}"})

Received user message ‘/inform{“facility_type”: “777772200491”}’ with intent ‘{‘name’: ‘inform’, ‘confidence’: 1.0}’ and entities ‘[{‘entity’: ‘facility_type’, ‘start’: 7, ‘end’: 40, ‘value’: ‘777772200491’}]’ but not working with drop down.any suggestion ?

hey @Shweta_Mohite, the payload which you are trying to send is button template and the dropdown doesn’t supports that.

can you show the output?

hey @JiteshGaikwad please check

hey @Shweta_Mohite, did you check the slot value of facility_type(check it in custom action) and have you registered the slot name facility_type in your domain.yml file?

Hi. Thank you for this repo. I wanted to ask if you could show a snapshot of:

  1. your domain yml file featuring the slot “slot_name” and the intent “inform”
  2. your stories file featuring the story that triggers the dropdown and the inform intent


Right now i am using rasa utter template to populate the message with lists(ordered list) with the help of below(in domain.yml):

text: "Here is your data: \n - requirement: \n - mockup: n - url: \n - timeline:
\ \n - budget: \n - name: \n - email: \n - phone:

Result is in unorderd list like below:

Here is your data:

  • requirement:
  • mockup: n - url:
  • timeline:
  • budget:
  • name:
  • email:
  • phone:

but I want output in ordered list like below with the help of domain.yml:

Here is your data:

  1. requirement:
  2. mockup: n - url:
  3. timeline:
  4. budget:
  5. name:
  6. email:
  7. phone:

can any one help with these?


Hey, can anyone share the solution for this issue? Even I am not able to assign custom actions to the dropdown options. Please help.

Hi @nik202 , I’m trying to send data as json message from my custom action to my front-end code like this

How can I retrieve this info in my frontend code? The frontend code is simple JS -

@Horizon733 if you could also help me out with my above post in this thread then it would be a great help! Thanks in advance

@webdev-rohit what does this data looks like or do you want to look on the webchat screen? this is not the ideal method to send the data.


this is the data, what I really want is that if I could create a card from the frontend and show this data in it. My frontend code is the one shown in my post sent earlier. I tried sending data via the custom action-carousel, but it doesn’t display it properly in the webchat.

@webdev-rohit is this related to the drop down or main post? You want that using card crousels, If yes please create the new post and tag me there.