Dropdown in rasa

I want to implement a dropdown fetching values from an api and asking user to select appropriate option . Can somebody help me with this please .

@nitish007 you response of API is fixed or varied? If it return a fixed then you can do it else, how you will deal the varied responses?

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Response is fixed

@nitish007 That great

Step1: Write a custom action code to get the value from API and try to print on the chatbot screen first. If you able to do that then.

Step2: Follow this code Chatbot-Widget/responses.md at main · JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget · GitHub see Collapsible
Step1 custom code, try to replace and return output in collapsible custom action in python ( I guess you can do that?)

Step3: To see the Collapsible you need frontend, I will suggest go integrate RASA with Rasa webchat. I hope it will help? If any point not clear ask again. But first try…

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Let me try that , will come back if any problem

@nitish007 I hope you fine and solved your query with the proposed solution!

Collapsible not printing value of data @nik202