Drop down menus

Hey, Can you tell me whether drop down menus and dialogues can be integrated to slack via rasa? Is it possible? If not, at least what other alternative are available in order to achieve drop down lists? Please… I am stuck here… help me out.!

Hi Aysa,

What are you trying to accomplish with your slack bot, and specifically by using dropdown menus? My instinct is that we don’t currently support integration of those, but I’m trying to understand better how you want to use Rasa :slight_smile:

Hey @erohmensing,

Say you would want to build a bot that gives you the details of your staff. So for this I would initially like the bot to display an auto complete enabled options menu displaying all the names of the employee. On selecting a name, the employee details are to be displayed. So with this, it would be easier and would also avoid the chances for any errors while typing the name of the employee manually.

Hope you got what I meant!

Hi Aysa, very sorry for the late response. As of now it looks like we only support button and image attachments, no drop down lists. If it’s important enough to you to add this enhancement yourself, it looks like slackclient does offer this and could be implemented in this manner:


Thanks anyways…!!

Hi @erohmensing can you tell me how to create drop-down list with chatbot ?

@Shweta_Mohite are you using slack?

no @erohmensing

I am fetching some data from database and those values i want to show in drop down list

Sorry, dropdown menus have to be configured on the front end, not through Rasa. Currently slack is the only channel that supports them.

ok @erohmensing just let me know how I can send data from action file to front end if wants to use jquery for it

You should use dispatcher.utter_message("json_message=<custom dict>") to pass an arbitrary message to the frontend. You can also do it in your domain via the custom key