How can we hundle story or predict next action based on slot values

.I wanted to do a conditional flow in a story…assume the story goes like this the user asks for a treatment then the the bot asks an initial symptom by providing a button selection then if a user selects one of the buttons as initial symptom then based on that the Bot will ask further question related to what the user selects as initial…here what am facing is how can I make a conditional flow in story to do a formaction…I have 4 buttons and 4 formaction so if a user selects button 1 then formaction1 will be asked if 2 then formaction 2 will be asked…how can we make like that in story??


I would use rules to do this. For each form you will need 2 rules:

  • a rule to activate the form (docs)
  • a rule to do something when the form has collected all the information and deactivates itself. Typically the rule prescribes that the next step for the bot is an utterance or a custom action. (docs)

Based on slot value??