How can we handle a question of button with yes or no in formaction?

I have a question whether the user has the symptoms or not …the question is with button of yes or no…but in formaction how can we handle it because a user not only say yes but also can say no at the same time…

  - type: from_text
    Intent: affirm

The above can only handle if a user clicks yes but not for no…so how can we handle that in formaction.

Hi @faiza_conte! Maybe you can check out these lines from formbot to see examples how to use slot mappings for different intents!

Hope this helps!!

@kalkbrennerei thanks …I have another issue

Assume I have this code
If slot_value=='something'   
         Dispatcher.utter_message(text="something" )

Elif slot_value =='something'

  Dispatcher.utter_message(template ="utter_somethig"

Elif slot_value =='something'


As u see in the code I can do a text , utter, and action display of the bot…but i want to perform a formaction based on slot value like different formaction based on slot value…how can we control that in a custom action???

Hi @faiza_conte! Not sure if I understand correctly. You can use the Tracker.get_slot to retrieve slot values as you can see in the docs. If you have more questions about this, can you please create a new question on the forum? Thanks!! :smiley: