How can we hundle which formaction to be performed based on slot value in custom action

…I have issue

Assume I have this code
If slot_value=='something'   
         Dispatcher.utter_message(text="something" )

Elif slot_value =='something'

  Dispatcher.utter_message(template ="utter_somethig"

Elif slot_value =='something'


As u see in the code I can do a text , utter, and action display of the bot…but i want to perform a formaction based on slot value like different formaction based on slot value…how can we control that in a custom action???

Hi @faiza_conte

You can trigger a followup action from within a custom action. Maybe these similar posts will help:

@jjuzl…yes I seen some how to call an action like this

If slot_value=='something'
Elif slot_value=='something'
   Dispatcher.utter_message(I want it to perform a formaction here)

The formaction contains the action,active_loop and then active_loop to null or to deactivate in the story how can we fit that in here)