How can I use rasa as a backend

How can I have rasa running as a server, and how to integrate with a custom website, let’s say written in Flask.

How the HTTP API can help me to handling user interaction captured at the front end and returning an answer from the story path more suitable according the entry?

Once you deployed your Rasa bot on a server, you can basically treat it as a Rest API:

  1. Your website takes user input, and then send POST request with the body data like: {sender_id: user_id, text: user_input}.
  2. Rasa bot receives your request, execute actions and then return its response to your website.
  3. Your website receives Rasa bot’s response and display it on the website.

Every interactions on your website is gonna be captured, converted to the message format above for POST request (you will have to implement this on your website). For example, a Yes button might send data like this: {sender_id: “1”, text: “/affirm”}

Docs: Your Own Website

Thanks for the reference, I am now using the REST to interact with rasa. So awesome!!!