How to use RASA POST using flask in python and without using command line interface

To run RASA server, We need to use command line rasa run command with various options. But, I want to use RASA using flask, for multiple users, where I get GET request in json format from my chatbot UI using flask and be able to give a response based on user ID received after RASA CORE processing. I also want to control status of tracker in my python code. Please help me with this.

Hey @maitry.bhavsar! Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to do?

I think you might want to look into connectors (Your Own Website, Custom Connectors, etc) for setting up a UI, Custom Actions for interfacing with a Flask REST API, and the Rasa API for interacting with a Rasa server from another application.

Hello @tyd I am trying to pass messages from my android application to RASA in JSON format and expecting the appropriate reply from RASA. I am using flask and apache services to connect with my android app, and detecting and passing back the JSON formatted messages. But I do not know how to handle each message properly as separately for each user in RASA, when it comes through android app. I require that I handle tracker values according to need for each individual user message, May be restart conversation or continue the one according to previous messages based on provided stories in training and learned model after that. I need to do this all using a python code, or some other way, any way possible.

In RASA docs, I have seen how to write actions, how to use RASA through command line. but I need to learn how to use RASA model and how to talk through model locally through python code not commandline. I also want to know when I run this python code, how should i connect with actions endpoint and track _store, mongodb/sql database to store my messages.

I have seen above all links that you have given. I am somehow not able to connect through post request due to proxy issues, should I use get request to HTTP API to get JSON replies of each message from RASA? Can I have python code example for it?

Is there any other way to handle this message passing for many number of users?