How can I send other data along in json{sender_id:"",message:""}in a request to rasa api?

I want to send other text as I request to rasa api. Is it possible to send some text along with sender_id and message in the request and the access that text in functions in file.

Hi @being_sanku, it is not currently possible to send extra information in the input message, though it is an enhancement we plan on tackling in the future. For now, you can get that information via another request where you set an entity that you save in a slot. E.g. perhaps at the start of a conversation (when the user opens the chat window), you want to send their logged-in account number to the bot – upon opening the window your front-end can send a message to the bot like

/start_convo{"account": "12345"}

If you have a slot nameed account, this will get filled and you can access the information in your actions.

Thank You @erohmensing. That was really helpful.

Hi Please elabrate on this subject. I want to fill entity like jwt token and mongo objectId in slots at start of conversation (when the user opens the chat window), and those entity in slots can be used in custom actions to send request to flaks api.