Hello everyone,How could I write a FormAction in Java?

Hi,I m chris,I m new in town. Been following rasa for a while,it’s a fantastic software,and our team is trying to build something with rasa. I’ve go through the example of “Building contextual assistants with Rasa Forms”,in the example , it seems only Python could implement the FormAction,I wonder if it could be done in Java? Since our developer is a master in Java but not in Python.There might be someone else have the same question,so, please help us out:)

Thanks to who concern this topic and looking forward to get a reply!

Hi @shenfu2024 , Unfortunately we do not officially support an SDK in Java yet. There may be third party implementations like this GitHub - rbajek/rasa-java-sdk: Java SDK for the development of custom actions for Rasa which may be of interest to you. Thanks

@dakshvar22 Thanks man, good to hear .I will look into it. Chill