How can I cite rasa documentation on my article?

I’m doing a article for my college and got stuck in this question. I want to give reference to rasa doc on my paper but dont found how to do it. Can some one help me on that?


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Hello @juliamrc and welcome to the forum!

You create your own citation in word, please ref this link: Create a bibliography, citations, and references


On Latex or Overleaf please ref this link Referencing using LaTeX - Referencing, Citing, and Structuring Bibliographies - Subject Guides at Royal Holloway



If you have a reference article or paper you can check with Google scholar and their you will find the citation link to be used for your work.

If you still struggle for the same, please share with me the link or reference for which you want the citation for your research work. I always create my own citation for my research work. Hope this will help you!

Thank you for your anwser. But, I think I was not clear enough with my question. Sorry.

The problem here is that I used some concepts that are on Introduction to Rasa Open Source on my article. But I can’t find a author there to make a reference. For example, I also made a reference scikit-learn on my paper and I was able to find on the page About us — scikit-learn 1.0.1 documentation how to cite them.

@juliamrc no worries, always ref me with @ nik202.

Rasa Team is working on this project and its open-source one, it really hard to mention single person name, here you can mention Authour as Rasa.

Even check at the bottom you will find Last updated on 11/24/2021 by m-vdb and it can be any one.

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Thanks for your question @juliamrc.

As far as I know, we don’t have specific recommendations for how to cite our docs. You can follow the guidelines for citing web pages, blog posts, or technical reports. For the author, you can use the organisation name, simply as “Rasa” or as “Rasa Technologies”.

Here are some guidelines:


In the second article, the examples use an organisation name instead of a person’s name.

I hope this helps!


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