How can I access the rasa 2.x documentation?

I want to know how I can access the documentation for rasa 2.x because on the website it only says version 3.x. Is there any toggle that I can use to access documentation for 2.x?

Thanks a lot!

On the left low corner of the page, there is a combobox. You can change the version.

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@newinmunich direct link is this : Installation and what Pedro suggested you can see all documentation for ROS and RASAX for future requirements.

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Thanks @nonola and (at)nik202 for the hint. Honestly I did not scroll that far below the fold… I was accustomed from several other Python libraries to click on the “version 3.0” log to toggle the version… which obviously does not work.


@newinmunich It was not the hint, it was the original link :upside_down_face: