A sensible open source Rasa development tool

Rasa involves a small number of pre-defined files. There’s a high degree of overlap and interlinkage in the content of the files and the must have perfectly synchronized content at all times.

There are simple rules for this linkage, encapsulated by both the docs and to some extent rasa data validate.

This seems like the perfect use case for a simple custom text editor or IDE (or IDE plugin). The idea should make sure all files have content that’s sychronized with each other and assist in adding corresponding content to other files when new content gets added in one particular file. Does this exist yet?

I saw a npm-based Rasa UI on Github but it seems that was just MLOps, I believe. If it doesn’t exist I’ll make it, but I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

I convinced myself there are no such open source options for Rasa development. I’ve started a PyCharm plugin project here:

hack-r/RasaCharm: Pre-alpha PyCharm plugin for Rasa. (github.com)

Feel free to fork or contribute.

There’s an existing vscode extension

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Oh cool! I don’t use that IDE normally, but I will try it.

I love pre-existing solutions :slight_smile: would be nice to have it for PyCharm tho