Help with migration from 1.x to 2.x

Hi, I was following Migrating your Rasa 1.x assistant to Rasa 2.0 for migrating my assistant, but I am confused by the following:

If you used the rasa data convert command to migrate your stories data to Rasa Open Source 2.0, the stories with forms will be updated to include the form activation and form deactivation steps. To properly migrate the forms to 2.0, we recommend removing those stories from your stories.yml file and updating the rules.yml file instead by adding rules for the form activation and form submission.

So, will the stories.yml file be empty??

Also, my forms are in the form:

  • form: user_Name{“PERSON”: “Tom Holland”}
    • form: user_registration
    • slot{“Name”: “Tom Holland”}
    • slot{“requested_slot”: “doorNo”}

this is what I have to manually input into rules, right?

@arkaprabha-majumdar, you use rules when you want your assistant to do the same thing whenever it understands a certain intent. Stories should be used when your assistant’s next action depends on a sequence of events instead of a single condition(rule).

The way you define form using stories.yml on 2.x is something like this:

version: "2.0"
- story: form
  -  intent: user_name
  - action: user_registration
  - active_loop: user_registration
  - active_loop: null

But, you can use rules if you want. In can check this post on Rasa’s blog about updating to Rasa 2.x.