[HELP] to test a rasa X server to see if it's blank on a EC2 at

Dear community,

In the past few day, I failed to get the login page of rasa X many times. Thanks to @Tobias_Wochinger to setup a feedback meeting, I installed a fresh rasa X 0.25.1 under his watch. The weird thing is that I still get the BLANK page, but he can get the LOGIN page. Does anyone encounter the similar problem like me? Any suggestions to locate the strange internet problem and fix the issue?

btw, I’m in the mainlaod of China, hope location is not the reason. And I’ll keep the server live for next 6 hours.


Here is the error msg when run inspect in Chrome

Here is the error msg from windows Edge:

For those who have the similar problem, please check some details in the following post

btw, the server is gonna close in half hour.

Hey @yiouyou, so is the problem resolved if it’s deployed on a different service?