Blank server on localhost after running rasa x


I was able to successfully train my prototype bot using ‘rasa train’. After that I started the action server. I wanted to test this on the browser using ‘rasa x’, but unfortunately I was getting a blank server in the browser.

My endpoints.yml file consisted of the following:

action_endpoint: url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook

and my crenditials.yml consisted of the following: rasa: url: “http://localhost:5002

The error which I encountered in the terminal is shown attached in the image below.

Any ideas regarding this matter?

It looks like you’re running into an issue associated with a library. Please execute the command pip --upgrade sanic~=19.9.0

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Thank you! ‘pip install --upgrade sanic~=19.9.0’ worked and I am now able to train the bot using ‘rasa x’.